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Another Great Graph from EIA

Here’s another great graph explaining US Energy production and consumption, from the Energy Information Administration. It’s called an Energy Flow Diagram. Numbers are in quadrillion BTU’s. Click on image to enlarge:


We still import 21.72 QBTU of petroleum, about 22% of our total consumption – about what we consume in residential uses. But we also export 13.86 QBTU.

Renewable energy – hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, solar and wind – amount to about 10% of our total energy consumption. Nuclear 9%, Crude oil 19%, natural gas 28%, and coal 15%.

Here’s another:

EIA-Electricity-flow-diagram-2017The most remarkable to me: we use 38.52 QBTU to generate electricity, but 23.83 QBTU of that is “conversion loss,” and only 13.15 QBTU of that energy actually is used as electricity. Ninety-three percent of coal consumption in the US is used to generate electric power.  Electric power accounted for 100% of nuclear power consumption, 91% of coal consumption, and 55% of renewable energy consumption.

And here’s another:


The US produced 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2016 from shale gas wells, 47% of total gas production. An unknown additional portion of shale gas production was from shale oil wells.


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