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National Geographic – The Great Energy Challenge

National Geographic has started a website called The Great Energy Challenge that provides a wealth of information about energy and the environment. “The Great Energy Challenge convenes and engages influential citizens and key energy stakeholders in solutions-based thinking and dialogue about our shared energy future.” Multiple articles from distinguished scientists provide education, explore innovative technologies, and seek to engage the public in a meaningful way about our energy future. Its home page is here.

Here is a good article discussing five innovative technologies for cleaner shale energy production and transportation, including water-free fracing, using recycled water or brackish water for fracing, using natural gas instead of diesel fuel to power drilling and completion, and efforts to reduce methane emissions in exploration, production and transportation of natural gas.

Here is a quiz to see how much you know about water and energy. Did you know that it takes 2.8 to 6.6 gallons of water to refine one gallon of gasoline? That it takes 780 gallons of water to produce one gallon or corn ethanol?

Here is a good interactive graphic showing how a horizontal well is drilled and completed.

Here are blog posts by National Geographic’s panel of experts.

Lots of good information and discussion about global energy issues.

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