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Damning Report from Environmental Integrity Project on TCEQ’s Failure to Hold Polluters Accountable

This report from the Environmental Integrity Project, an organization of former EPA enforcement attorneys, provides a detailed account of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s failure to enforce its rules against repeated failures by the production, midstream and refining industry to limit harmful emissions.

From the report:

In Texas, a relatively small number of polluters are responsible for most of the 21,769 illegal air pollution events reported over a sixyear period. More than 1,600 of these events took
place for more than a week, in many cases releasing thousands of pounds of pollution into the air, worsening regional air quality and harming public health. Despite this, the TCEQ
only designated 119 of these events as “excessive” during this time, a designation that would be necessary to sufficiently penalize polluters for egregious or repeated emission events.

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