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EIA Issues State Rankings in Energy Production and Consumption

The Energy Information Administration has issued rankings of states in production of oil, gas, coal, electricity generation, and energy consumption. Texas ranks prominently in most categories.

— Texas is first in total energy production, producing 10,997 trillion Btus of energy in 2006 (the most recent information available). Wyoming is second (mainly from coal production) with 10,062 trillion Btus. Texas produced 15.5% of all the energy produced in the nation.

— Texas is first in crude oil production, producing 32.77 million barrels in May 2009 (20% of the nation’s production), ahead of Alaska with 21 million barrels; and (by far) first in natural gas production, producing 6 trillion mcf in May 2009 (30% of the nation’s production), ahead of second-place Wyoming with 1.9 trillion mcf.

— Texas produced 41.6 million megawatt hours of electricity in July 2009, ranking first ahead of California, which produced 21.5 million megawatt hours.

— Texas also ranked first in carbon dioxide emissions (2007 data), emitting 255,092,183 metric tons of CO2. The nearest competitor was Ohio, which emitted 130,407,085 metric tons.

— Texas ranked fifth in total energy consumption per capita (2007 data), behind Alaska, Wyoming, Lousiana, and North Dakota. Texans consumed 496 million Btu per capita; Alaskans consumed 1,062 million Btu per capita. It’s cold in Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota. Louisianans consumed 861 million Btu per capita — maybe they had a cold winter in 2007?


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