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From Bloomberg Opinion:

“The International Energy Agency … doesn’t think demand will have fully recovered by [the end of 2021]. In the final quarter of next year it predicts global oil demand will still be running about 2 million barrels a day below pre-pandemic levels, and more than 4% below where it might reasonably have been expected to be in the absence of the crisis.”

Annotation-2020-06-22-094344 Annotation-2020-06-22-094345“The amount of stored oil that needs to be burnt through before there is room for producers to pump more is huge. Enough of the black stuff has gone into storage tanks, caverns and ships over the past six months to drive every heavy truck in the U.S. around the world five times–if it could all be turned into diesel fuel.”

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Pioneer Natural Resources and Parsley Energy sent a letter to the Texas Railroad Commission formally requesting that it institute proration in Texas oil fields. Scott Sheffield and Matt Gallagher concluded:

We thus implore you to act as stewards of Texas’s oil resources and to support rationally tailored actions – consistent with the Commissions state mission – to “enhance development and economic vitality for the benefit of Texans.” As the chief executive officers of the second and tenth largest oil producers in the State of Texas, we are responsible for the employment of thousands of employees by our companies and our contractors. It is on their behalf, as well as other companies that share our concerns, that we submit this request.

Read the letter here: Parsley Pioneer letter to RRC

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